Where Does Money Come From? Disambiguation

The First Charter of Virginia, 1606, reads:

X. And they shall, or lawfully may, establish and cause to be made a coin, to pass current there between the People of those several Colonies, for the more ease of traffic and bargaining amongst them and the natives there, of such metal and in such manner and form, as the said   Councils shall there limit and appoint.

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    One night not long ago a friend of mine came to visit. The time was nearly nine, and he was coming directly from work.

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Tim Bourne
Well written and easily understood my friend
Monday, 13 April 2015 21:02
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You have Two Cows... Australian Financial Capitalism Explained

    This excerpt came to me from a friend of mine. It is a parody of the 'You have two cows' method of explaining political and economic systems. I have extended it to help us understand our situation.

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The Knowableness of Finance

    It is the purpose of Social Credit proposals regarding finance to make the figures fit the facts1. In other words, the subordination of finance to reality.

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Men and Machines - The Flaw in the Intergenerational Report

     Reading of the Treasury Department’s 2015 Intergenerational Report reveals some problems with the understanding of economics and finance held by policy makers.

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