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Title Author Pages
Keynes and Douglas Edward Minton 8
The New and The Old Economics C. H. Douglas 17
Advice to Australian Social Crediters Social Credit Secretariat 1
An Outline of Social Credit Hugn Morton Murray 35
Can Qualitative Easing Become Quantitive Compassion? Edward Minton 5
In Defending Society from Abstract Aberrations Edward Minton 3
Introduction to Democratising Banking Charles Pinwill 4
Social Credit and its Diversions Issac Gueisler 5
Realistic Constitutionalism C.H. Douglas 8
On Having Enemies Walter Murdoch 4
Programme for the Third World War C.H. Douglas 37
Social Credit and Party Politics L.D. Byrne 14
Brief for the Prosecution C.H. Douglas 71
The Development of World Dominion C.H. Douglas 102
The Dying Theology of Money Edward Minton 7
Warning Democracy C.H. Douglas 85
Whose Service is Perfect Freedom C.H. Douglas 43
Realistic Constitutionalism C.H. Douglas 8
National Accounts Prototypes Edward Minton 19
MacMillian Committee Of Finance and Industry Multiple 29
Shakespearean Economics of Building a Biscuit Factory Edward Minton 3