Some books which are important to underestanding Social Credit are still under copyright and we are without consent to publish. With this in mind we will review some of them below with a view to bringing them to your attention and providing information on where they may be purchased.

Social Credit Economics

By M. Oliver Heydorn, Ph.D.

Published in 2014, Social Credit Economics is the most complete and exhaustive one volume exposition of social credit ever produced. A scholarly thoroughly researched and referenced work it ranges across the whole of that body of developed thought which encompasses the policy and philosophy of the movement.

A quotation that he sights at the conclusion of his Preface puts the importance of this work into perspective. It is from John W. Hughes in The New Age of 22/6/1933;

Adam Smith was the first great political economist. Since his day there have only been two others, Karl Marx and Major Douglas. All the rest have been and are 'economists' without practical sense or vision. Adam Smith was for capitalism; Karl Marx was for communism; Major Douglas for economic democracy.

M. Oliver Heydorn graduated with the highest possible distinction (summa cum laude) with a Ph.D in philosophy from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. Over the last ten years he has taught philosophy at three different Universities and in three different countries. Currently he is teaching in Canada. He has been published in both scholarly and more popular media.

This work of 532 pages was published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Ancaster, Ontario. It is available, perhaps at the lowest price from the publisher, though is also to be had through Amazon, and by searching the author's name other suppliers may be discovered.

The Economics of Social Credit and Catholic Social Teaching

By M. Oliver Heydorn

Also published in 2014 by Createspace (details above), this pamphlet of 74 pages draws upon Papal Encyclicals and other authorities, both from the Church and Social Credit, in establishing the commonality of Social Credit and Catholic Social Teaching.

This concurrance and lack of contradiction is both remarkable and thought provoking, and evidences the deeper European cultural and philosophical roots which inspired Social Credit.

It is available from the same sources which stock Social Credit Economics.

The Grip of Death

A study of modern Money, debt slavery and destructive economics

By Michael Rowbotham

Commendations include:

1. A radical, shocking and eye-opening expose of how our monetary system really works. New Internationalist

2. A work to be cherished ... stands out not only for the quality of the research and the writing, but for the compelling vision that it unfolds. Economic Reform

3. Essential reading for social and environmental reformers. It fills a major gap in accepted theory... The Ecologist

This work of 341 pages was first published by Jon Carpenter Publishing, Alder House, Market Street, Charlbury OX7 3PH, England. The latest edition is available from the publisher, Amazon and others through searching it on google.