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Title Author Pages
Who Was C.H. Douglas Geoffrey Dobbs 3
The Nature of Democracy C.H. Douglas 5
Give The People Money Prof. W. Murdoch 5
The Environmentalist’s Environment Edward Minton 5
Slavery, Work and Service; The Three Ages of Man Edward Minton 7
Economics - The Exciting Science Edward Minton 7
A Summary of Heydorn's Social Credit Economics Professor Ronnie Lessem 31
Who in Hell Needs Social Credit Edward Minton 9
Why Am I A Social Crediter B.W. Monahan 10
The Tragedy Of Human Effort C.H. Douglas 10
Neither Do They Spin B.W. Monahan 11
Answers According to Douglas W.Harold Emslie M.B. and C.H. Douglas 13
Approach To Reality C.H. Douglas 14
Money - Fact and Fiction J. D. Malan 17
Dictatorship By Taxation C.H. Douglas 18
The Policy of a Philosophy C.H. Douglas 22
The Story Of The Commonwealth Bank D.J. Amos 34
Economic Democracy C.H. Douglas 57
Monopoly Of Credit C.H. Douglas 60
An Introduction To Social Credit B.W. Monahan 69
Social Credit C.H. Douglas 75
The Dollar's Lifespan Edward Minton 3
Belloc's Economics Edward Minton 4
The Diffidence of Distributists Edward Minton 2
Organic Society Edward Minton 5
Social Credit in Summary Arthur Brenton 6
Income From a National Dividend Charles Pinwill 7
A Summary of Heydorn's 'Social Credit Economics' Ronnie Lessem 32
The Breakdown of the Employment System C.H. Douglas 17
Subsidiarity, Distributism and Social Credit Edward Minton 8