Social Credit Angles

The Morality of Work

   The issue of work is always a sticking point with people trying to comprehend the Social Credit position. When it’s all boiled down all we are saying is that when it comes to work people should be allowed to exercise the choice that progress would undoubtedly make possible if it weren’t for a financial setup that prohibits it.

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The Puzzle

  The world in which we live can be a strange and incoherent puzzle.

    For those that take more than a passing interest in world affairs we have before us an array of pieces. We see the problems of poverty and social unrest and we lament the damage that we are doing to nature. We struggle to come to grips with how to assimilate advances in technology and the unemployment problem which it promises to make increasingly acute. We are constantly being squeezed by rising costs of living, taxation and inflation and of course we wonder why everybody is in debt. We see the vast capacity of industry, shops full with products they can’t sell and we hear the incessant drone of the advertiser.

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Credit Ratings and the People's Wealth

   This week Scott Morrison warned that unless the federal government can find 13.2 billion dollars in savings by the release of the May budget then Australia risks losing its AAA credit rating.

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The Death Pledge

   You should probably know that the literal meaning of mortgage is ‘death pledge’. According to the Australian debt clock we owe 1,647,386,800,000 dollars to banks as housing debt. It's about 90% of all household debt in this country and it is accumulating faster than GDP. In its March 2017 Monetary Policy Meeting the Reserve Bank noted that household debt was rising faster than household income.

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    Literally speaking bullshit is a rather useful material. In the hands of someone who knows what to do with it bullshit can be placed in beneficial association with other materials to be cooked down to a humus rich environment perfectly conducive to the proliferation of beneficial soil life. If you are a food producer, then it is worth your while to pay careful attention in its treatment so you might increase your productivity. As Alex Podolinsky said ‘the cow is an extremely important animal’, a good part of that observation being attributable to the quality of bulls’ shit. Besides being great for soil health you can cook with it, turn it into electricity, or, in a pinch, build a house with it. It is an appreciation of its usefulness that is in large part responsible for the cow’s sacredness amongst a considerable proportion of the world’s population.

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A Social Credit Angle on Banking, Budgets and Financial Propaganda

 In 2009 the national debt was $101 000 000 000. By April this year it had blown out to $551 000 000 000 with an annual interest bill of about $16 000 000 000 to come out of taxation or more interest bearing finance. The interest alone works out to about $672 for every person in this country or $2500 for a family of four. And there seems no letup in sight. Australia’s debt ceiling is projected to climb to $600 000 000 000.

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The Futility of Environmental Sentiment

  This weekend gone I was happy to sign a petition objecting to the Adani development in the Galilee basin. The information given me at my local farmers market accurately reported on a number of concerns relevant to the Adani project.  At the heart of the protest lay the concern about the environmental impacts of the mine. The commitment of those involved in these campaigns is admirable, and I sense that the public is increasingly receptive to environmental issues. However, in my view the strategy of the environmental movement is critically incomplete.

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Martyrs for the Economy

In lean times it is perfectly natural that the struggle for daily bread be all-consuming, the mind cannot live without the body, but amidst the potential of near effortless abundance we are exhorted time and again to get to work. Why?

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Why Nothing will come of the Royal Commission

William Waite

With the release of the final report from the Banking Royal Commission there are justifiable demands that some serious penalties be dealt to those responsible for the misery that has accompanied the crime and misconduct of the banking and financial services industry. I am doubtful that the aggrieved public will enjoy any such satisfaction.

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To Distribute or Redistribute

   There is a debate going on beneath the nonsense of mainstream economic discussion. The contenders are agreed on one important point; that a better distribution of wealth is the solution to our economic woes and the road to a more functional society. As Martin Luther King said ‘it is now incontestable that the wealth and resources of the United States make the elimination of poverty absolutely practical.’ This is true throughout the industrial world and could be true everywhere.

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The Honourables

   Any Social Crediter who knows his stuff will be able to tell you that while the plan for Social Credit is difficult to get across this is not the real problem. We can describe how the thing would come together to anyone with an attention span more than 15 minutes and a will to know. It seems that the real problem lies in convincing people that human nature could handle it without rending society limb from limb.

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The Message from Britain

   It would be remiss of me to let the vote of the British people to leave the EU go without mention.

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Our Broken Money Instrument

   Clearly the satisfaction of citizens’ material needs is not the objective of the present economic order. Australians will be painfully aware that the purpose of economics is ‘jobs and growth’ or, in other words, compounding economic activity.

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Australia's Last Fridge

    With the closure of the Electrolux factory in Orange this country has surrendered for the time being her will to make fridges.  The usual lament is heard; unemployment, the end of an era, and the standard reason trotted out about which nothing can be done; Australia cannot be competitive when it comes to manufacturing.

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A Brief Account of the Great Depression by C.H. Douglas

The following account of The Great Depression appears on page 25 of Douglas’ Brief for the Prosecution first published in 1945. It speaks for itself.

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The Future of Work - A Suggestion

 From time to time my mind turns to a difficult idea.  A.R. Orage called it The Fear of Leisure. In a speech by that name Orage said of the prospect of an increasingly leisured society, ‘Douglas can prove that it is possible; you have to make it desirable.1

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Social Credit Then and Now

    Social Credit is the brain child of Major C. H. Douglas. During World War l he was asked to sort out some problems at an aircraft factory in Farnborough and came across a discrepancy in their books. The factory generated costs at a greater rate than it made available incomes to people.

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Zellaby's Problem

    The scientific approach to the problem of the supply of material requirements is probably the most remarkable feature of modern society. The success of science in disclosing the relationship between matter and energy, and the practical application of this knowledge, comes with responsibilities unattended up to this time.

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The Freedom of Association

 The Social Credit discussion tends to be dominated by the technical economic considerations. In the back and forth about how the direction of the system can be changed to deliver sufficient purchasing power to individuals the philosophical underpinnings of Social Credit, why the system ought to be changed, can be eclipsed.

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The Glitch

     It is possible that Social Crediters come across as a one track record. The track is called ‘the gap’. I suspect that word is something like a trigger that launches the social crediter into as good an explanation as he is capable of the fault with the financial system; a trigger to which I am not immune. Excuse me.

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