This has always been a difficulty, because ours is not a commercial object. Social Credit is a social object.

We have always been apologetic about our financial requirements, and subsequently, have spent our first 100 years hopelessly underfunded for the task at hand. While we at have some capital for infrastructure behind us, due to only 2 people really, who have made major personal commitments, day to day finance is very meager, and clearly not up to requirements.

Yes, we have the clearest thinking about human economics on the planet, and the imperative directions it needs for achieving efficiency in terms of human satisfaction. The multi-dimensional areas of economics, environmentalism, politics, and cultural/spiritual/social matters are all part of arriving at the social credit. The funding necessary to employing a full time resident professor, with assistant staff and all facilities to conduct tutorials across the world via skype and otherwise, would approach $200,000 per annum. It awaits only that kind of help to happen.

For activities at , money is our consent to access resources in the service of social credit. Those of us who do develop an appreciation of social credit, are going to have to be seriously committed to keep it alive and prepared for attaining critical mass in the coming crises. The PayPal Account detailed below is your opportunity to assist.