I would commend, therefore, to you a most serious consideration of this issue, whether you wish the economic system to be made the vehicle for an unseen government, over which you have no control, which you did not elect, and which you cannot remove so long as you accept its premises; or whether, on the other hand, you are determined to free the forces of modern science, so that your needs for goods and services may be met with increasing facility and decreasing effort, thus, in turn, permitting humanity to expend its energy on altogether higher planes of effort than those involved in the mere provision of the means of subsistence.

                  C.H. Douglas, The Breakdown of the Employment System

   Discovering Social Credit is exciting, though it is not always easy without others with whom to test ideas, share thinking and ask questions. Those with an established knowledge of social credit will be valuable to those seeking to attain such a knowledge. Both students seeking contact with others or assistance, and those who would like to nominate themselves to give it, should email us to start the process

All men/women begin life with a simple “Will to economic plenty with freedom”.

There is an unshakeable commonality amongst us; the will to economic plenty [where and if it can be had] with freedom. So what are we fighting about? The tractor, the assembly line, the computer and other revolutionary economic developments have long conspired to dictate a state of plenty? The limitation of industry is no longer, as it had been for thousands of years, how to make it. The question for every industrial enterprise is “Can we sell it?” If we can sell it we can make it. If we can’t sell it, we won’t make another.