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Newspaper Article

From the Scarborougb Sun, December 31,1970, Page 3.


The scientific money system for the automation age of abundance
by Robert Klinck
In comparison with most of the major political forces operative in the world today, Social Credit is a phenomenon of recent origin. Indeed, this month marks only the fifty-third anniversary of the publication of the first article on the subject by its founder and authoritative exponent, the late Clifford Hugh Douglas.


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Message To The Youth

Message to Youth.

“To follow reason, however arduous be the way; to accept such truth as may be revealed to us, however unpalatable; to refuse to put a rose-pink veil between ourselves and reality; to see life as it really is, without flinching, and without flinching to see oneself as one really is; this is the life for men, this is to be of the aristocracy of earth, let who will wear the crown or the mitre. As for the poor creatures who shrink from the cold blast of reality – those who must needs look at the world through drug dimmed eyes, those for whom thought is too strenuous, and the truth too dangerous – leave them to their picture shows and their crooners and their comforting sermons and their games – sympathize with them if you will, pity them as much as you like, but – come out from among them! If I were on my deathbed that would be my last word to young Australia”.

Prof. Walter Murdoch – (Great Australian Scholar and Writer.